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Presently the major product we supply and distribute is the Tung Brand, which features the Tung Brush and the Tung Gel.


We take great pride in our products, and this product is for people who care about their breath.


As professional dentists and pharmacists know regular tongue brushing is a quick and effective way to significantly reduce plaque causing bacteria and the source of bad breath.


The bacteria in the mouth lead to adults having Gum diseases which can lead to tooth loss, and bad breath, a common problem among adults in Africa.


The use of both the Tung Brush and Tung Gel, will prevent and cure both problems. The Tung Brush is more effective and easier to use than a tongue scraper.  The Tung Gel gives a longer lasting fresher breath than standard toothpastes.


RKD is presently the only major supplier and distributor of the Tung brand in Africa.


We guarantee our clients are getting the original and genuine products, direct from the manufacturer (Peak Enterprises Inc).


Peak Enterprises Inc  have approved RKD as it's sole distributor for Africa.

Research shows the

tongue accumulates more bacteria

plaque than other

parts of the oral





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This system is the most effective on the market.

People are now finding it better and easier to use the Tung Brush and Gel than a Tongue scraper.

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RKD is presently the only major supplier and distributor of the Tung brand in Africa.

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